Saturday, November 1, 2008

More Photos and Memories from the Cameron Centennial


Sorry that I haven't written anything for a while-now that the days are longer I seem to spend more time outside than on the computer.

I thought that I would share some photos that were either taken at the Cameron Centennial or are ones that I have inherited from Mum and Dad.


This photo is of Joe Cameron with his dogs at the Fall Muster taken I think about 1952.Those of you who have mustered on the Otematata Station will know where it is.There is also a photo of Bruce Anderson taken at the same spot.


This photo shows the shearers at Otematata Station-taken about 1910.Walter Cameron is on the left and the photo is taken outside the shearing shed on the right and the wool room on the left.
I was really interested in this photo as I thought that Sandy Lousley( my grandfather) may have been in it.He shore for many years at Otematata Station and Walter Cameron commented in Peter Newton's Book " Sixty Thousand on the Hoof"that" Sandy Lousley,Jim's father was the finest blade shearer that he had seen".

One of the things that really "bugs me" is that none of us have a clue what Sandy Lousley looks like? There are no photos of him.So anyone reading this if you know of a photo please get in touch with me.
I feel sure that some where in an old box some where in North Otago,up the Waitaki Valley there is a photo of Sandy Lousley?



These two photos are of Bill O'Donnell who was the packer at the station for many years.It was his job to load up the pack horses with food and cook for the men when they were out mustering. He was quite a character,I remember one year he arrived back at the station after Christmas with his head shaved.It certainly caused a stir-I think he may have got drunk one night but I don't know for sure-perhaps someone can tell me???

One thing I do remember-I had a pony called Billy Boy which Mr Cameron had bought for me and for some reason I decided to cut his tail.I made a real mess of it and by the time it was straightened it was quite short-Bill O'Donnell always used to tease me by saying that Billy Boy wouldn't be able to go around a corner as he didn't have enough tail to indicate which way he was going!!!!!

I was saddened many years later to hear that Bill and his brother Dave had died in a house fire at Omarama.


This last photo is of Mr Cameron,his horse Red and his dogs taken at Aviemore.

One of the great things of the Centennial at Otematata Station was catching up with people and hearing all the stories.This next one I didn't know about and was told to me by Neville Chang.

When Murray and I had our first daughter Judi-Mr Cameron was very excited and told the musterers that they should go down to the Maternity Home in the township and see Bubs(this is what he called me sometimes) daughter.

So the musterers duly did what they were told,it's funny as I can vaguely remember (some of them very embarrassed) poking their heads through the ward door.Apparently there were so many young men arriving to see "Baby Sisson" that the nurses began to wonder who the father was!!!!!!!!

Well that's all for now




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Wonder blog, with a stunning sense of history. Also enjoyed your home [Tin inn, Culverden blog]

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