Monday, April 28, 2008

More on Otematata Station Centennial


This is one of my favourite photos that I took-looking into the sheep pens. It reminds me of the hundreds of people who have worked in this shed over many years -just to the left of the first gate,was a little door that led into the main part of the shearing shed.Even though there have been many changes,the little door is still there.

I can just about smell those sheep!


These are the branding irons-that used to go on the sheeps back.

When Otematata Station was first taken up by the Rev.J.C.Parson Andrew in the late 1850's,he introduced the station brand-two crossed keys.These keys were said to be the symbol of the college at which he was educated in England.The story is that one key is the key to heaven-the other the key to hell!


These brands are for Aviemore Station.

Hugh Cameron took over Aviemore in 1891 and on his death in 1915
the property went to members of his family.Aviemore was run as a seperate account but the two places are run from Otematata Station.



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