Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More Photos and Memories at the Otematata Station Centennial

Greetings from Culverden-the place with the Big Sky

When my aunt Nona Parker from Blenheim heard that the Otematata Centennial was planned she said to me to get a photo of the old toilet.I did but unfortunately couldn't take a photo inside the old toilet and it was the inside that everyone remembered.


I have no idea when the toilet was built but it was quite unique as far as toilets go.
On the right hand side was a door and inside a toilet while on the left hand side was another door and inside there were two toilets, a large one and a small one side by side.It always reminded me of the Three Bears-a toilet for Father bear,one for Mother bear and a small one for Baby bear!!!
You can see in the photo where there are air vents in the walls.


This is a photo of the new version which was built in the 1950's.Toilet on the left, wash house in the middle, and freezer room on the right.


This is another favourite photo.It shows the side of the house and you can see the extensions over the years.

The window on the left is the sitting room and on the right is my bedroom-it's amazing that after being away for 45 years that I still think of it as my room!!
In the early 1960's a sun room was built on ,you can see this on the left.


I couldn't resist taking this photo.

Mum would everyday get down on her hands and knees and scrub the door step, as people did in those days, she always said that it was a cure for most things! However in those days the step led straight outside.

I still have a fews photos to show so until next time!


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