Sunday, May 11, 2008

Catching up with people at the Otematata Centennial


Shirley Cameron from Mosgiel and her son Peter Cameron from Milton.Shirley's husband was Hugh Cameron,son of Walter Cameron,and uncle of Hugh and Mandy.


Walter Linwood and his wife Leone from Ashburton.Walter mustered at Otematata Station on and off for 7 to 8 years.He is the son of Billy Linwood from Kurow who also mustered on Otematata Station for many years.

I hope I report this correctly,Bruce Harris was telling me that in the early 1950's he heard that Otematata Station was paying good wages to musterers and so he rang up the Station about a job.
He spoke to Walter Cameron(known by many names eg Walter,Whiskers,WP,and the person who took over Otematata Station in 1908)and asked about a musterering job.Apparently the reply was"you can have a job as long as your bloody name isn't Bill-I've got three of the bastards!!!!
Thinking back the three Bills would be-Bill Linwood,Bill West and Bill O'Donnell who was the packer(the person who cooked for the musterers when they were out mustering)


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