Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cameron Family - 100 years at Otematata Station


I can't explain how excited I was to receive an invitation to celebrate 100 Years of the Cameron Family at Otematata Station. It was a highlight of my life!

The organizing was so well done that I feel I must mention it. Thank you Hugh, Mandy and family for all that hard work you put in. To Mary - thank you for the records that you worked so hard on.


Just a small thing - but so well done: Every name badge had a piece of Cameron tartan across the bottom of it.


Driving up to the Station, the first thing we saw was a display of vehicles used. I must admit to a tear in my eye when I saw what was known as Jimmy Lou's truck (mentioned previously). Behind this truck you can see the marquee where you collected your name badge and there was a display of photos, records, diaries, fleeces and old gear. I was delighted to see a photo of myself (which I'd never seen before) with my old pony Billy Boy. I will print this at a later date.


Hugh's helicopter - no doubt a great asset on Otematata Station


Display of Merino Rams


Entrance to the woolroom - a beautiful floral arrangment done by Mandy and a display of the stencils used on the wool bales.

After meeting lots of people, looking over the old house, and a cup of tea we went back to the hotel to get changed for the evening function.

Well thats all for now-there is lots more to follow.



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