Wednesday, July 30, 2008

4wd Trip over Otematata Station


The weather for the 4wd trip out the back was just perfect.
The above picture shows Hugh giving us details for the day.
We were all given a bag of sweets and a carton of juice -they thought of everything!

We left the Station at 10am,headed up over the Otematata saddle to the Back Yards,we then stopped briefly at the Forkes Hut and then carried on to Glen Boughie for lunch.Again everything was well thought out-bread rolls,muffins,fruit,and even Easter eggs!
We then carried on to the Hawkden Range,where we stopped to admire the views,then down the Otamatapaio Spur and back on to the main road and finished back at the Otematata Hotel at 6pm.
I understand that we did 70k's.

A marvellous trip and a great way to finish what was a fantastic weekend.


Great views and beautiful country


Showing some of the vehicles on the trip


Lunch at Glen Boughie Hut.
The drums in the picture are for shelter for the dogs.

More photos later


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