Sunday, May 11, 2008

More people at the Cameron Centennial at Otematata Station


Ray Cleave also mustered on Otematata Station
He went on to become a successful horse trainer based at Waimate.
I remember many times having to go to the TAB and put money on for Dad when Ray's horses were starting.I even made a few $ for myself when his horse Keepsake was racing.


Gordon and Iris Paterson from Alexandra.Gordon was mustering at Otematata Station for 7 years and left in 1948.I believe that Gordon was one of the oldest people at the Centennial and that he still shoes a few horses!

He was telling me about the time when I was just a baby,Mum went in to the bedroom to pick me up and I was limp and blue around the mouth.Mum put brandy on my lip and Gordon said he swung me from side to side by my feet!!!When I suggested " so that's whats wrong with me"Gordon told me very seriously that he didn't hit my head!!!!I do remember Mum talking about it,but never took it very seriously.It was interesting to hear it from someone else who was there.


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