Monday, April 14, 2008

Autumn is in the air - my Dad and Otematata Station memories


Over the last few days I have been sorting through numerous papers, cards and photos.

Jim Lousley (my Dad) spent most of his life in Kurow and on Otematata Station. The above photo shows him out mustering with his horse Laddie. I have no idea when the photo was taken but it would be before 1969.


This is the International truck that Dad used to drive to take the wool through to the wool scour in Timaru. When it was new it was the greatest truck on the road. Now it looks like a Tonka toy!! For the "Celebrating 100 yrs. of the Cameron Family at Otematata Station 1908~2008" the truck was painted and sign written.

One of the old musterers was out on his morning walk in Kurow when he saw the truck getting painted at Haka Motors - he went rushing in and said "What are you doing to Jimmy Lou's (pronounced Lal) truck?"

Another old musterer was over heard saying "Well they may have painted the truck-but they wont have painted the dash board where Lou used to stub out his cigarettes!"

Dad spent the last 18 years of his life in Hanmer Springs-he was quiet, loved a joke, reading, rugby racing and a gin or a beer.

This following verse I found amongst my Mothers things, I had copied it out and asked my brother Malcolm to read it at Dad's funeral which he did.

I love the clean brown tussock

And the hills where the cool winds blow

It is my prayer

I may still be there

When the Lord calls "Wayleggo"

[The shepherd's command to a dog who has completed the job: Away here, Let go]

From New Zealand Farm and Station Verse.


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