Sunday, March 24, 2013


Well it's a long time since I wrote on this page - but I guess theres not many days when I don't think about Otematata Station.

I always seem to run into people who have been there, or know someone else that has.

When we went down to the Otematata Station Centennial - I took a photo of the side of the house where we lived and I was amazed to see the rose that I remembered from my childhood still there. It was a pink rose and was planted outside Mr Camerons bedroom window.


The rose had always been there - when I asked Malcolm about it he said "it had been there forever"
I remember playing in the sandpit beside the dairy and putting the roses on my sandcastles.

Just recently the New Zealand Gardener had an article on growing roses from cuttings - so the idea was born!
I would take some cuttings and see if I could grow them.We were travelling down to Twizel and Otematata for the Dam Dwellers Reunion so I rang Mandy and asked if I could take some cuttings.
I was gobsmacked when she said "take the whole bush".

So now in Culverden we have the old Otematata Station Rose - looking a bit worse for wear but still alive!
Just to be on the safe side I also took some cuttings and some of them are beginning to shoot - I am sooo excited!

So I will keep you posted on the Otematata Station rose and its progress - it must be over 65 years old!!!

Just before I finish this post - thank you to all the people who have commented to me on the write - up on the Centennial.I am amazed at the number of people who have read it - some complete strangers who have emailed me and also made comments.

Now keep an eye on this page and the Otematata Station Rose - when it flowers again I will contact the Rose Society and try to get it identified.

Take care


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